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AAF-MED understands how important the privacy of personal information is to our pharmacist, nurse, and physician customers. AAF-MED is committed to honoring your privacy, and to offering special protections for any personal health information you choose to share with us. The document you are reading is our privacy policy for our Web sites that are accessible by physicians, and it describes what information we may collect about you, what uses we may make of it, how you can tell us what to do with your information, and what precautions we take against unauthorized access or use of your information.

Continuing Medical Education
When you register for a Continuing Medical Education ("CME") or a Continuing Education ("CE") activity through our Web site, we collect certain personally identifiable information from you such as your name, email address, and mailing address. If you are a nurse or a pharmacist and wish to receive CE credit, you are also required to provide the state in which you are licensed and your license number. In addition to personally identifiable information, we collect aggregated non-personally identifiable information about the activities undertaken by our users. We use the information that we collect through CME/CE activities in several ways:

AAF-MED is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education ("ACCME") to provide continuing medical education for physicians. Additionally, AAF-MED is accredited by the ACPE to provide CE credits to pharmacists and the West Virginia Nurses Association to provide CE to nurses. As an ACCME, ACPE, and WVNA accredited entity, we are required periodically to submit aggregated data about CME participants and the CME activities we certify. We also provide personally identifiable information to other accredited CME/CE providers who certify CME/CE activities posted on AAF-MEDs website, as required by the ACCME and other accrediting bodies. These reports may include personally identifiable information about you and credits issued to you, for the purpose of maintaining records that you can request from the accredited provider for up to six (6) years;
Commercial supporters of CME/CE activities on our Web site will receive only aggregated data about CME/CE activities that are relevant to their interests and/or the courses they support;
AAF-MED staff will have internal access to files containing personally identifiable information, including evaluation forms and aggregated CME/CE participant information. These files can be accessed in order to respond to your questions or comments. Our staff may also use personally identifiable information, including registration information and evaluation data, in assessing educational needs and planning marketing activities; and
We may use the information we collect as otherwise permitted in this Privacy Policy.

Use of Cookies
When you view the website, may store some information on your computer. This information will be in the form of a "Cookie" or similar file and can help us in many ways. For example, Cookies allow us to tailor a website to better match your interests and preferences. With most Internet Browsers, you can erase Cookies from your computer hard drive, block all Cookies, or receive a warning before a Cookie is stored. Please refer to your Browser instructions or help screen to learn more about these functions.

Uses We Make of Information
In this section of our privacy policy, we identify the ways we may use information about you that we have collected.

Aggregate Data
We create aggregate data about visitors to our Web sites for product development and improvement activities. We also use it for market analysis. We may provide information from our Web sites in aggregate form, with identifying information removed, to third parties. For example, we may tell a health care partner what percentage of our registered users reside in a particular geographical area. When aggregated health information is provided, we pool it from many individual records and strip it of any data that could be used to identify an individual before it is used. Any third party that receives aggregated health care data must agree not to attempt to re-identify the people it belongs to.

Third Parties
In addition to aggregate information (discussed previously), we may share some kinds of information with third parties as described below.

Other Companies: We have strategic relationships with other companies who support CME on our Web sites. When you are interacting with those companies, different rules and privacy policies may apply.

Companies and People Who Work for Us: Because we are a CME and CE, we contract with other companies and individuals to help us provide services. For example, we may host some of our Web sites on another company's computers, hire technical consultants to maintain our Web-based health tools, or work with companies to remove repetitive information from customer lists, analyze data, provide marketing assistance, and provide customer service. In order to perform their jobs, these other companies may have limited access to some of the personal information we maintain about our users. We require all such companies to comply with the terms of our privacy policies, to limit their access to any personal information to the minimum necessary to perform their obligations, and not to use the information they may access for purposes other than fulfilling their responsibilities to us. We use our best efforts to limit the use of other companies in areas where personally identifiable healthcare information may be involved.

Legal Requirements: We may release account and other personal information when we believe release is required to comply with law. When we share information with third parties, we ask that they agree in writing to abide by AAF-MED's privacy policies.
If we discover that a third party inadvertently disclosed personal information about any of our customers, we will take immediate action to prevent further occurrences.

General Policies
We have implemented technology and security policies, rules and other measures to protect the personal data that we have under our control from unauthorized access, improper use, alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction, and accidental loss. We also protect your information by requiring that all our employees and others who have access to or are associated with the processing of your data respect your confidentiality.

Storage of Health Information
AAF-MED does not request personally identifiable health information from visitors to our site and any case studies that may appear within educational activities do not contain any personally identifiable information.

AAF-MED Employees
AAF-MED employees are required to keep customer information private, as a condition of their employment with this provider. Only selected, authorized AAF-MED employees are permitted to access your health information.

Privacy Questions or Concerns about One of Our Web Sites
For privacy questions or concerns about one of AAF-MED's Web sites, please contact info@aafmed.com.

Revision date: This policy was last updated on 12/4/03.

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